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Themes and Projects


* Developing a Questionnaire to Gauge Public Perceptions of Emerging Technologies: Socio-technical representations of key New Zealand stakeholders

* Decision Outcomes: Analytics with or without Intuition?

* Ubiquitous data, powerful analytics and embedded information systems: Preparing for tectonic shifts in business, government and society

The objective of this study is to bring to the forefront the concerns, promises and issues that decision makers and thought leaders in business, government and society are grappling with as they integrate technology and information systems into all aspects of society. This study will adopt mixed method research where the extensive literature, interviews with experts in the field, both from academia and industry, will lead to development of a survey instrument. Data collected via the survey will be analyzed using advanced statistical methods.

* Management, Analytics and Decision-making: The State of Play in NZ and Beyond

This research proposes to take a closer look at the effects big data, analytics, and related technologies may have on managerial decision making: specifically 1) whether senior managers and decision makers believe that analytics can satisfactorily substitute for or augment human intuition, insight, judgment and wisdom; 2) whether senior managers and decision makers have the capability and willingness to use big data/analytics to best effect

* Does it matter to do it mindfully? Role of IT mindfulness in agile project management

* Role of intuition and rationality in decision making

* Big Analytics for Small Kiwis: Google Analytics in New Zealand

Current Project Proposals

* Business leaders need tech skills

* Improving SME decision-making

* SMEs, practical wisdom and big data: integrating Maori Kaitiakitanga into business decision making

* The Wicked Which: Where does the wicked problem begin and end?

* Pushing back against technological solutionism - integrating wisdom traditions

* Addressing Wicked Problems in the Age of Big Data: The Case of Child Poverty in New Zealand

PhD Student Research Topics

Thi Thanh Hoa Nguyen - Doctor of Philosophy

Supply Chain Visibility and Its Linkage to Decision-making Improvement: An Exploratory Study in the New Zealand Supply Chain Context

Yi-Mei Huang - Doctor of Philosophy

The influence of personal knowledge management on individual decision making in healthcare medical treatment

Simone Gressel - Doctor of Philosophy

Management Decision Making in the Age of Big Data - An Exploration of the Roles of Analytics and Human Judgment

Melika Soleimani - Doctor of Philosophy

Stratgic decision making through artificial intelligence and human insight

Ji Yu (Maggie) - Doctor of Philosophy

Wisdom of the Crowds: Developing a Social Media Platform for Serious Research


Management, Analytics and Decision Making

Introduction to techniques and issues involved in using data to support organisational decision making

Advanced Management, Analytics, and Decision Making

A comprehensive study of the techniques and issues involved in using data to support organisational decision making.